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New Joker's Wild Previews Posted For HeroClix

Time goes by... so slowly...
Time goes by... so slowly...
Not exactly what I'm listening to right now, but I could be, with how this week is puttering along. What I need is the ability to control time. Yeah, that'd be cool. Or I could just go to sleep. Either way, those fit in with the preview of Hourman and Sandman that we get for the upcoming Joker's Wild HeroClix set.

Neither of these heroes are going to be punching through brick walls to get to your opponents, but they are fairly cheap. They also bring the A Simpler Time ability to the table. Each one allows you a use of Probability Control when you use their defense with the JSA team ability. The only downside is that the attack roll must include a 6. But hey, getting rid of a 6 is always nice.