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New Jaguar Tribe Available For Savage Core From Warlord Games

Back when I was getting my history degree, I took classes on just about everything. One of the classes was on the Aztecs. Great class. Learned a lot of very interesting things. That was also the year Apocalypto came out. Our class went to go see it. Never before had we seen a car chase movie set in 1500s Central America. It was hilarious to listen to my professor muttering under her breath about all the things that were wrong. I wonder what she'd have to say about the new Jaguar Tribe minis for Savage Core from Warlord Games.

As you can see, there's 3 sets available. You can get the Chief and his Son, or two different sets of warriors. Not big on too much armor, the figures are clothed simply and carry a shield and a spear, a club, or an axe. Just watch out for the sharp obsidian that's lining those weapons. It's very efficient at cutting through enemies.