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New Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer for Bolt Action from Warlord Games

Germans Bolt Action players! Are you tired of not having enough firepower over on your side of the board? Well, the fellows over at Warlord Games have heard you and are here to help out. They've got the new Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer kit now available. Built atop the King Tiger chassis, with a heavily-armored top that sported the massive 128mm Pak 44 cannon, this monster of a vehicle was feared by all Allied tank commanders. No matter what sort of armor was put in front of it, the Jagdtiger could potentially take it out.

The only thing that seemed like it could defeat at Jagdtiger was the world, itself. At 70 tons, it couldn't cross most bridges, and many roads it traveled on were just a gravel mess in their wake. Also, they used up fuel at a fast rate. With resources growing ever-more scarce as the war rolled on, many of these behemoths just ran out of juice.

Though your gaming table should be able to handle the kit, and this version doesn't run on gas, so it shouldn't be an issue for Bolt Action German Commanders.