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New IWM online exclusive products

Iron Wind Metals have posted a new list of online exclusive products they are offering. From their announcement:
The following items have been released as Online Exclusives;
  • BT-217 Dragons Breath SSP Micro $2.00
  • BT-218 Scarab Micro Drone Fighter $0.50
  • BT-219 Aeshna Micro Drone Fighter $0.50
  • BT-220 Tabanid Micro Drone Fighter $0.45
  • BT-221 Ceremonial Guards $0.55
  • BT-222 Tau Wraith $0.50
  • BT-223 Tau Zombie $0.60
  • BT-224 Heavy Jump Infantry $0.55
  • BT-225 FireFighter $0.50
  • BT-226 Fast Recon $0.70
Winners of the April 2011 Battletech Archive Special Return Poll Note: These items can be purchased for the Month of April with no Archive Fee added.
  • ASR20-850 Firestarter Mech $9.95
  • ASR20-675 Nightstar Mech $13.95