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New items offered for Dominion of the gods kickstarter

Comfy Chair Games keeps rowing the boat over on their Kickstarter campaign. They've recently put up some new photos, including the Celtic starter box art.

From the update:

Comfy Chair Games has released a third Quickstart box set for their Dominion of the gods kickstarter campaign. This box set contains five models, nine dice, six stat cards and the Quickstart rules. The models you will receive in the box set are:

Macha: Celtic goddess of war
Finn MacCool: legendary hero
Caoranach: serpentine mother of Demons
Bean Sidhe: the wailing spirit
Fomori: savage giants who once inhabited Ireland.

We also recently posted a picture of our painted Minotaur that is available (unpainted) in the Greek box set.

Our kickstarter also includes a video demo of how the game is played. This will show the players how easy and intuitive rules are. So come by our kickstarter page and take a look around.