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New Israeli Command Teams From Battlefront

Battlefront knows all those artillery pieces they've been showing off lately aren't any good unless you've got a good command structure in place to know where to aim all of it. As such, they're showing off their Israeli Command Teams for Fate of a Nation.


From the website:

The motorised infantry, called Ch'ir Mamochan (pronounced kh-eer mah-moh-khahn) in Hebrew, accompanied the tanks into battle, clearing built-up areas and fortified positions. Most of their weapons were Belgian designs: the FN FAL rifle, FN MAG machine-gun, RL-83 Blindicide (‘Armour Killer') bazookas, and plenty of Mecar anti-tank rifle grenades, along with a British 52mm (2") light mortar.

While the motorised infantry were the mainstay in the Sinai on the Southern Front, the infantry fighting in the rugged hills of the West bank and on the steep Golan Heights were mostly traditional foot-slogging infantry (Ch'ir in Hebrew). Their organisation was essentially the same, aside from the absence of armoured half-tracks. The infantry companies were usually supported by towed artillery rather then the expensive self-propelled guns needed to keep up with their mechanised brethren.