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New Info about Zombicide: Wulfsburg, first expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague revealed

New Info about Zombicide: Wulfsburg, first expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague revealed

Zombicide: Black Plague takes the fan-favorite zombie-destroying action you love so much and sends it back in time. Set in a fantasy-steeped Middle Ages, players will have to adapt new strategies to stem the tide of undead horrors. The Kickstarter for the campaign is launching early next month and along with the main game, backers will also be able to get Zombicide: Wulfsburg, the exciting first expansion to this new version of the game. It’s got something called a Wolf-bombination.
Yeah, you know you want to read on.

Before we get to the wolves, let’s take a little look at the new heroes that are going to be going after them (or running from them, depending on how the dice rolls go). Wulfsburg brings a quartet of new survivors to the streets. They include a ranger, a priest, a thief, and a dark elf. … Reminds me of one of my recent D&D groups. With any luck, these four heroes will get along better than the D&D group, since that ended up in a pretty nasty TPK.

To make sure your heroes are heroes and not just zombie-chow, there’s plenty of new equipment for them to use in the seemingly-never-ending fight against the undead. Due to the new fantasy world you will be fighting in, magic weapons become a big part of the game. However, care must be taken. Sure you can use these new weapons and equipment, but only once you’ve reached a certain Danger Level. And as we know, that means more zombies. You’re going to be needing these flaming swords, vampiric crossbows, and earthquake hammers if you’re going to survive.

Zombicide: Wulfsburg comes with new double-sided gaming tiles. These bring Towers to the world (no, they’re not made out of ivory). These reinforced strongholds allow characters to rain down death from above on the zombies below. You an even fire over other buildings. Of course, just staying up there, increasing the danger level won’t work forever. Don’t get too comfy, or you may regret it.

And finally, the thing I’m sure you’ve all clicked through to see. Wulfsburg is so named for the various wolf packs that lived in the surrounding forests. Well, much like their k-9 brethren in original Zombicide, some of them have become infected with the zombie condition and have started hunting down survivors to chew on. This includes the new Wolf-bomination. It’s a zombie-werewolf-abomination-thing and yeah… it has big eyes and big teeth, all the better to eat you with.

Stay tuned for more exclusive previews as we get closer to the launch of the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter campaign in early June.