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New Infantry released from Aventine Miniatures

Aventine Miniatures released some new infantry over in their webstore. Go take a look.

From the announcement:

Adam has finished the EIR32 pack, he has used 3 new poses with mail and scale armours. Each pack of 4 figures has 3 different poses and two armour styles. They will come with the AVS19 Auxiliary oval scuta and the light spear.
There are actually 2 packs of EIR32 with very slight variations so if you order 2 packs you will get 8 slightly different figures.

There are now 10 sets of LBMS transfers for the Auxiliary section, each with 14 scutum and 2 buckler transfers, Steve added a vexillum transfer for good measure, they are priced at £4.00 per sheet.

The EIR32s go with the command pack EIR61 and will also be in a unit deal of 16 figures(4 command and 12 troopers) @£16.65.

This pack means we now have all the basic infantry ready for the range, Adam has several more packs of variations that he wants to add before some Auxiliary Archer units.

The cavalry will commence soon and once we have them out we will turn our attention to the 3rd Century BC ranges.

All metal in 28mm and £4.50 per pack of 4 for the main range with the commands usually £5.00