New Indian Mutiny figures from Mutineer

Mutineer Miniatures have sent along details of their latest Indian Mutiny figures as well as word on some upcoming releases and army packs.

MUT03 Mixed dress sepoy's.jpg

From their announcement:

We have added the latest figure packs to our ever expanding range of High quality
Indian Mutiny figures

MUT03 Dress Sepoys these figures can be used as sepoy’s or milita.
MUT04 Command pack with Bakht Khan, NCO, Drummer and Sowar

Mike has done a fantastic job on these and we are very pleased they add real character to the range. We intend to do one more Mutineer command pack later on.

Bahkt Khan

A real character who became one of the best commanders of the Mutineers. A highly experienced soldier gaining over 40 years service in the Bengal Horse artillery and served in the Afghan wars. He took over command of the Delhi garrison at the request Bahadur Shah II

Battalion Packs

We have introduced battalion packs to give you a discount of larger purchases British battalion pack 1

This includes

  • EIC01 x 6
  • EIC02 X 6
  • EIC04 Command x 1
  • EIC05 Command x 1

£74 saving you £6

We also have a Horse artillery pack with 2 x 6lb guns and 1x 12lb Howitzer and 3 crews. £31

On the workbench at the moment

  • Elephant with Howdah bodygaurd and Tantia Topi
  • Marching British two packs
  • Gurkhas

MiniNatur Range
Keep an eye on the website we will be updating the range of MiniNatur basing products. We have a new supplier and will be reducing prices significantly .The full range of products has just arrived we intend to maintain large stock quantity and will not run out. This has been a significant investment but we believe an excellent product should be cheap and readily available. We are going through the photography at the moment.