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New & Improved BattleTech Box Set Reprint Available Now

Catalyst Game Labs has released their new and improved Battletech box sets to the world. Run (don't walk) to your local gaming store and get your copy.


From the announcement:

Strap yourself into the ultimate suit of armor: the BattleMech. Thirty feet tall and weighing up to a hundred tons, this humanoid engine of destruction is a walking arsenal with enough firepower to level a city block. The BattleTech game system takes you into the world of the 31st Century, where war has become a way of life. You are a MechWarrior. You are in command of the most powerful machine on the battlefield, and hold the fate of empires in your hand!

The BattleTech Anniversary Introductory Box Set thrusts you onto the battlefields of the 31st century.

There’s never been a better time to leap into the action with the best-yet-published Introductory Box Set for the seminal BattleTech game. While our online allotment of orders is sold out, you can order it from your local hobby stores RIGHT NOW!

Go grab the best value in gaming and start clashing across alien worlds in metal titans of action-packed gaming fun!