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New Imperial Human and Ralgard fleets on sale for Uncharted Seas from Spartan Games

Spartan Games has some new fleets up for Uncharted Seas and they're having a pretty nice sale for them going on now over on their website.

From the announcement:

40% OFF NEW Imperial Humans and The Ralgard Fleets!

This week we bring you exciting new Uncharted Seas Battle Fleets for the majestic Imperial Humans and the fearsome warrior race The Ralgard.

The Vaka Family are born warriors. With a longstanding tradition of martial prowess and a tendency to judge greatness by victory in battle, they have always preferred war to diplomacy. A highly accomplished member of the Vaka family, Grimmulf Eyforr is one of the most ruthless Fleet Commanders to ever sail the Uncharted Seas.