New Imperial Guard available to pre-order from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Apr 13th, 2014

Games Workshop is taking down orders for their latest new releases for Imperial Guard over on their revamped webshop.


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  • The Beast Rampant

    1st Reaction: Hey, the new ogrn are pretty neat! I’m almost missing that abusive, meth-addict girlfriend of a hobby I used to have.

    2nd Reaction: Hey, they are like, fifty bucks for, let’s see, keep reading…ah, here it is: three guys.

    I’m sure glad GW is going to all plastic, so the ever-rising cost of white metal won’t impact the cost of their miniatures.

    Is it just me that thinks that if they could have prodiced a pewter miniature that couldn’t be resold on Ebay, and stripped & repainted indefinately, they wouldn’t have bothered?

    • Soulfinger

      You just now noticed this? I’m more impressed that they’ve finally given Ogryn that Wilford Brimley look that players have been clamoring for all of these years. Also, I can up-armor all of these guys with the spare metal watch bands I’ve had piling up around the house.

      • tuco

        What a coincidence, I was looking at these guys and thinking I might pick up a box just to fix a couple of broken watch bands I have.

  • estrus

    Sweet! I’ll start pulling up the mortgage paperwork…

  • KelRiever

    You’re all just haters! This is exactly what gamers are looking for! Maybe if you buy them, you’d have the right to say that you liked them! If you fint like them it’s your fault!


    • KelRiever

      fint equals don’t in the language of the sucker….

  • coffeemini

    Anyone else noticed part of their armor seems made out of wristwatch material? Doesn’t quite sit well with me…

    • Soulfinger

      No. I don’t think anyone noticed.

  • The Beast Rampant

    I assumed tank tracks…but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And no, I haven’t given more than a glance to “the latest” GW in years, so even though I pretty much know what to expect, it is always still shocking.

    The much younger me had a 40K army for every faction, and at least an ally contingent for every WHFB faction. And now, as a grownass man, I don’t see me affording even one well-rounded 40K army. It’s apalling.

    And yes, that one does look like Wilfred Brimley. May all the diabetic oatmeal-eating postmaster general jabs rain down upon him- serves him right for being $17 worth of crappy plastic.

    • Soulfinger

      And here is the million dollar question: What about these figures evokes the grim, dark gothic atmosphere of Warhammer 40K?

      • The Beast Rampant

        What’s grimdark about the tau (or whatever they’re called)? Aren’t they just cashing in on the manga look which is SO not 40K?

        Maybe the spooky necron(s) are supposed to make up for it.

        So the watchband/treads need some rusting to make them look right. Beats painting them red.

        • Grindar

          The tau were expressly created for the GW push into Japan. They aren’t exactly known for loving Victorian grimdark stuff so it made sense to make an army that went for a much broader appeal there.

          • Soulfinger

            Yeah, they don’t like the grim dark Victorian at all, although I’m surprised to discover that WH40K is Victorian. I think what you meant to say is that the Tau were inspired by a Japanese genre popular among tabletop gamers worldwide. Otherwise, going by your stereotype, GW would have dominated the North American market with an army of hockey playing cowboys.

        • Soulfinger

          re Rampant: That’s pretty much what I meant. There’s not a single flying buttress on these guys!

    • tuco

      I’m in the same boat, Mr. Rampant. When GW pricing was much less, I was buying every new book for both games and had six different armies in 40k and three in WFB. I no longer see these games as being worth the money, so I’ve gone to spending $0 on GW product since they put out the last Chaos Space Marines book. Sorry to everyone else who is still playing and has to make up for the fact that I’m spending about $150 less per month on GW.

  • grimbergen

    These ogryns look like big dude from the goonies or those damn fugly trolls from the hobbit line… don’t look imposing at all, just imbecilic.

    And they’re still selling the same Catachan plastics from what, 15 years ago? Oh, but at 5x the price.

    • 4tonmantis

      When I got into 40k a box of 20 Catachans was $20. Sentinels were dirt cheap too, so you can imagine what my army consisted of 😛

      I don’t even know if I’m going to bother getting this army book. I have IG, but my IG are actual IG. Praise the Emperor, burn the heretic, 10 lashes for not having your Uplifiting Primer, tap your las-clip on your helmet for good luck type of IG. This crap is a bunch of nancy-boy garbage with new age hippy junk and figures that could be bosses from a 90s Doom game… only not anywhere near as interesting.

      IG was my first army and I’ve had units pulled out from under me, added back a few editions later.. or prices jumping all over the place along with how many you can take in a unit or what you can field where.. all in an effort to to push more sales. I think little plastic army dudes are cool but I don’t like being party to this travesty. No.. I’ll not be buying a whole crapload of plastic dudesmen to fill out even more ranks or a $50 codex, or a stupid looking truck thing. I’ll damn sure not be buying these Sloth from Goonies/Wilfred Brimley love children.

      Am I upset? Yes.. my army, that I have an attachment to.. not just in the models I own but also in the theme that the army has maintained, it has all just been blown to hell. I am not a frequent purchaser of GW product these days though .. so clearly I”m outside of their target audience.. who all seem to be clamoring about this and eager to snap it up. Lucky for them they can do so on the shiny new site… if they can get it to work.

      • 4tonmantis

        By prices I mean points costs.. the actual dollar prices only jump in one direction.

  • If you are put off by the prices and the rules changes… stick with what you have and play the rules you already own. That way you are happy that you can use your old stuff and don’t have to continually update at ridiculous prices.

    I looked at the contents of the box and if you are able to make four sets of legs (and possibly an arm or two) you can get seven Ogres from the one box. Now I wouldn’t suggest that any one should recast a few legs but it seems to me to be a simple way to extract the most value from the box…

    • grimbergen

      That’s interesting… I remember the old space marine kit from the early 2000s having only 10 legs but extra arms, heads and torsos for variations. I guess they figured it was a bit difficult to make your own legs but these days with that instant hot water mold thing we can totally stick it to GW and use every last bit in the kit to squeeze out extra troops. But prolly not worth the effort for dudesmen.

      • 4tonmantis

        Even if you don’t want to recast, you can just bits order the extra pieces… easy peasy..but I don’t care for the look at all so I’ll be looking to e-bay for the 3rd Ed ones or even the past edition’s offerings.. which I hated but compared to these they are starting to look pretty good..