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New Imperial Chinese Militia Released by Defiance Games

Defiance Games expands their range with the release of their new Imperial Chinese Militia units over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

We're incredibly happy to announce the release of our newest set - and the beginning of an entirely new Core Force for ALIEN WAR! The Imperial Chinese Militia are here!

Imperial China is the largest nation on Earth and holds the largest number of off world colonies spread primarily in the China Arm but scattered throughout Human Space.

Fueled by China's aggressive 10-child policy for ethnic Han Chinese and 5-child polices for African, Latin American, and other Asian dependents (the so-called Free People's Coaltion for Mutual Benefit), China's colonies are also the most populous.

To protect those territories, the Emperor has at His disposal a massive military. Leading it are the Emperor's own descendants - the children, grandchildren, and great-great-great grandchildren of His massive family (currently estimated to be over 150,000 direct descendants in 8 generations). Not every member of the First Family is career military but most serve their time at one point or another. The most famous, or infamous, being the Tigress. Although there are exceptions, First Family members generally lead their forces from the cockpits of China's advanced Mechs and Hardsuit mechanized infantry.

At the core of the Imperial Army is the modern, professional Regular Army. Equipped with the latest equipment, armor, and weaponry, Regular Army units can be found leading planetary invasions or engaged in the defense of the most important colony worlds.

But the vast bulk of the Imperial Army is made up of the Militia. Numbering in the millions, Imperial Chinese Militia are the glue that hold the Empire together. Typically led by Han Chinese officers and NCOs and with a Political Commissar overseeing each 20-man squad, the bulk of the Militia are made up of Asian, African, and Latin American subjects.

Milita are full time troops - primarily volunteers - who serve eight year enlistments. Typically raised from the local populace of the colony world they serve on, in rare cases Imperial Militia serve as front line forces along with the Regular Army in situations where high casualties are expected.

A standard Militia rifle squad (part of a larger platoon) is made up of 20 troops. The squad is led by a Sergeant (Zhong Shi) and a Political Commissar. The remaining 18 men are divided into two sections.

The Assault Section is led by a Corporal (Xia Shi) and consists of ten riflemen. Riflemen are equipped with the QBZ-29 - a standard assault rifle featuring a front-situated 30-round banana clip with 5.8mm caseless ammunition. Introduced in 2229, the QBZ-29 has seen service in Imperial forces for over 30 years and has recently been replaced by a new rifle in the Regular Army.

The Fire Support Section consists of two heavy machine gun teams utilizing the QJY-48, China's relatively new general purpose MG, which also fires the standard 5.8mm caseless round. The section is led by a Corporal (Xia Shi) with two additional riflemen providing security. These last two also serve as additional ammunition bearers.

The full 20-man box set is $29.95 - with 4 and 10-box specials to build up your army quickly!