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New Imperial Assault, XCOM Releases Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight has some expansions available for some of their popular board games. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or more into an Earth-centered sci-fi world in the form of XCOM, there's some new releases that will change how you play the game.

Jabba's Realm is the new big-box expansion for Imperial Assault. The massive Hutt crime lord is up to no good, and the Rebels need to get in there and set things straight. Along with the box, there's several smaller expansions as well, letting you customize your forces just a bit more.

As for XCOM, the Evolution expansion is now available. The aliens are still invading, but now the XCOM team has to deal with a human group trying to seize control, too. But, along with those problems, there's new resources, as alien technology has started to be researched and added to the human's arsenal.