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New Imperial Armor Kits Available to Order from Forge World

"You're welcome!"
There's certainly plenty of heavy metal vehicles making their way through Forge World's pipeline. They've got the new Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank, a bunch of upgrade kits for Predator tanks, a Relic Datalink Telemetry set, as well as Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume One available to order over in their webshop this week.

From the website:

Once the Arcus strike tank was one of the most advanced support platforms available to the Space Marine Legions, but for reasons long since lost to the past, the Adeptus Mechanicus holds the pattern as a slight against the Omnissiah and refuses to produce or repair such vehicles. Without the specialised knowledge of the Machine God’s adepts, the advanced launchers of the Arcus have slowly failed and been replaced with more common rotary launchers and stocks of its rare warheads have dwindled. Now it is used by the Space Marine Chapters that retain examples of this rare pattern as a fast strike tank, racing it forwards to saturate a target area with incendiary devices of a more commonplace provenance and using its renowned speed to escape unscathed, enabling them to clear otherwise redoubtable bunkers and fortresses with brutal efficiency.

This is a bundle designed to allow the Warhammer 40,000 player to take advantage of a specific Stratagem – Datalink Telemetry. Found in Codex: Space Marines, this Stratagem allows Land Speeders to share their targeting data with Whirlwinds – when the Land Speeder is within 12” of a target, the Whirlwind will automatically hit that target.

Model Masterclass Volume One deals with advanced techniques for modelling and painting your Forge World and Games Workshop models, including a guide to working with resin. Written by two of Forge World's studio team – Phil Stutcinskas, winner of many model competitions including the prestigious Euro Militaire 2006 Best of Show, and multi-Golden Daemon award winner Mark Bedford – the book is a 128-page full colour softback, lavishly illustrated with high quality photos, featuring numerous advanced modelling and painting techniques for making your Warhammer 40,000 models truly something special.