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New Hyper Forms at GenCon 2011

Privateer Press has posted details of the new Monsterpocalypse Hyper Forms which will be available at GenCon 2011. From their website:
Those who answer the call at this year’s Monsterpocalypse Gen Con Masters event will have a chance to get their hands on all-new hyper forms for monsters featured in the Monsterpocalypse Battle Miniatures core game and the upcoming D.M.Z. expansion. Representing a selection of some of the most iconic monsters from Monsterpocalypse, these new hyper forms present exciting new strategies for fan-favorite monsters. But it’s not just those who stand triumphant at Masters that will earn the chance to walk away with one of these fantastic new figures. A small number of hyper forms can also be earned in the Iron Arena, Privateer Press’ standout event format that rewards you just for playing your favorite Privateer Press games.