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New HVSS Sherman Tracks available from Battlefront

Battlefront has new HVSS Sherman Tracks so you can upgrade your regular Sherman tanks into Super Shermans... Shermen?... Shermens?...
Anyway, you can upgrade your tanks.


From them to you:

The standard track fitted to the M4 Sherman was 16.5 inches wide; which during the summer performed satisfactorily. However, once ground conditions started to deteriorate during the autumn and winter months these narrow tracks failed to provide a sufficient level of traction needed to maintain an adequate level of mobility.

While Duck Bills (the nickname given to extensions which attached to the tracks to provide larger surface area) provided tankers with a short-term solution, the long-term solution came in the form of the new Horizontal Volute Suspension System (or HVSS, for short). HVSS made vehicle maintenance much simpler and with its wide track design; improved the tank's off-road performance. Together this gave the Sherman a much improved ride and far better flotation over soft ground such as the sandy conditions of the Sinai Desert.

One set of HVSS tracks only. M4A1 Sherman (76mm) Sherman (US044) sold separately.