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New Hunter's Guild Players and Dice Available To Pre-Order From Steamforged Games

I swear the guys over at Steamforged found my profile, said, "hmm, what can we make that'll all-but guarantee that this dude plays our game?" and then figured it out and made it. The Hunter's Guild is still pretty new out there for Guild Ball, but you can now order the first expansion players for it, as well as a set of Hunter's Guild dice.

Chaska is all about putting little Snare tokens out on the board, which can then entrap your opponents, giving them the Snared condition (which reduces their movement). Then there's Seenah. Seenah's a bear. No, Seenah's not a second mascot for the Hunter's. He (or maybe she? They don't actually say in the fluff) is great at mauling things (as one might expect). In fact, you'll get an extra VP when Seenah causes an enemy model to be Taken Out. Finally, there's the Hunter's Guild dice. Because we all love to have dice that match our forces (at least, I do).

All of these are available to order now in the Steamforged Games webshop.