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New Horus Heresy Book Collections And Legio Custodes Tank Available From Forge World

While playing Guild Ball and cooking Thanksgiving 2: Thank Harder, I missed the new Legio Custodes tank release from Forge World. Well, I'm here to rectify that, as well as tell you about the new Horus Heresy book collections they've got for order.

The new tank is the Caladius Grav-Tank. Don't let terrain ever get you down again. You can get the tank alone or teamed up with a Custodian Guard set. I used to be a custodian. I didn't get any cool armor like that when I was mopping floors, though.
Then there's the Horus Heresy book sets. You can get all 6 books, or just 1-5, or 1-3, or just 4-5. Your choice.
Finally, if you spend £75 or more, you'll get a voucher for free shipping on an order you make next month.