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New Horus Heresy and Eisenhorn Short Stories

The Black Library is making individual short stories available for sale as eBook files. From their website:
Viva la Revolucion! The novel is dead, long live the short story! Perhaps not, but there is a lot to be said for short fiction: it allows authors to explore a new genre or develop a group of characters without committing to a full novel. As readers we benefit too: a short story can prove the ideal accompaniment to a longer novel and give us a chance to fit in a whole adventure before bed. Our own monthly short story collection, Hammer and Bolter, has received a great response from you guys and our authors alike. In fact, it’s been so popular that we’ve decided to launch a range of short stories that you can download for only £1.50 each. We’re kicking things off with two Eisenhorn short stories from Dan Abnett – ‘Missing in Action’ and ‘Backcloth for a Crown Additional’. Both stories previously appeared in the Eisenhorn Omnibus but this is the first time they’ve been available separately – pre-order them now. This month’s issue of Hammer & Bolter includes (among others) a brand-new Horus Heresy story from the upcoming anthology Age of Darkness. Iron Within, by Rob Sanders, features a group of loyal Iron Warriors who were left behind to garrison the planet of Lesser Damantyme during the Great Crusade. Now, with the Heresy in full swing, they face an almost impossible choice – loyalty to their Primarch or loyalty the Emperor of Mankind (dum, dum, dum!).