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New Hordes Previews Posted by Privateer Press

It was actually a little bit cool out this morning when I left my apartment at 6:10am so I could get in to the office. Granted, "a bit cool" is relative, since it was about 65 degrees. 5 months from now, if it's 65 degrees, we'll think we're in the middle of a heat wave. That's what you get when you acclimate to it being 90-something every day for months.
But anyway, now for cheesy line, "I wonder if that chill was caused by a Glacier King hanging out in the area..."
We've got some new previews from Privateer Press.

The other two sets up there are new Nyss box sets. However, they're the same as the old Nyss sets, but just all in one box. As Privateer keeps trying to reduce the number of SKUs in their catalog. But the real big preview (no pun intended) is the Glacier King. He's the first of the alternate gargantuan models. I... think he's got some cold abilities. Can't be sure, though. Haven't seen the book. It's just a hunch.