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New Hordes Previews from Privateer Press

Privateer Press has been busy with new Hordes previews lately. I guess with a new book coming up, it'd be the right time to do such things. Speaking of books, they have a small look at Devastation, the next Hordes book that's coming out. There's also a look at an Extreme model that looks like it's getting a more general release, and some new gobbers.

First, taking a look inside Devastation, much like the recent Warmachine book, we can expect new Gargantuans (much like how we got new Colossals recently). Of course, there'll be new Epic Warlocks, new solos, new units, new warbeasts, and such things like that. We'll be getting new Theme Lists around which to build your forces. Plus, the continuation of the fluff will let us know what all has been going on (like how Madrak lost his axe. I'm guessing he tried throwing it (like Thor does with his hammer) and Kromac simply went "*catch* Yoink!" and ran off, with maybe a comedic "boing!" sound as he jumped into the bushes).

In terms of a new units, we get a look at the Swamp Gobber River Raiders. They're gobber river pirates. How cute!
Finally, there's the Extreme Howler Monkey... I mean, Extreme Feral Warpwolf.