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New Historical Tables of Order and Equipment Available for February from TOEHub

TOEHub released some more resources for you Historicals players out there. Be sure your squads are equipped correctly out there on the battlefield.


From this set of releases:

New historical TOEs (tables of order and equipment) are now available from TOEHub via Wargame Vault. The new releases for (month) are:

- RVN PRU Team, PSDF Group, and APT Company, as of 1967-1969
- US Army TOE 17-27G (SRC 17027G610), Tank Company, ACR (M60), as of 1966
- US Army TOE 17-27G (SRC 17027G620), Tank Company, ACR (M551), as of 1966
- US Army TOE 17-237H (SRC 17237H500), Tank Company (M60A2), as of 1975

TOEHub provides accurate force building information for post-modern historical wargamers. Not simply “army lists,” each product includes personnel and equipment information gamers can take and apply to any rules set they wish.