New historical releases from TAG

The Assault Group have added several new packs of 28mm historical figures and accessories to their online store today.

From their website:

Welcome back to TAG in 2010, and thank you to everybody that made 2009 a record year for us.

This release, the first of the New Year, is a lot of tidying up from last year, all these items shown as listed on our shopping cart today are items that have been specifically requested by TAG customers which i had promised to add to the cart before Christmas, so this is us catching up and clearing the decks before the next full Spanish Century release.

These are the new items;

  • REN207 Cossack labourers/gun crew
  • VCS019 North Vietnamese Army with .30 HMG
  • VCS020 North Vietnamese Army with Mortar
  • WEA084 Stretcher (folded)
  • WEA211 .50cal with bi-pod mount
  • WEA212 L96A1
  • WEA548 Tiny 4 spoke wheel
  • WEA549 Small 12 spoke wheel
  • WEA550 Ordinary 12 spoke wheel
  • WEA551 Large 8 spoke wheel
  • WEA552 Huge 12 spoke wheel
  • WEA553 Trumpet
  • WEA554 Gulay Gorod (walking fort) section
  • WEA610 Sheathed 16th Century sword plain hilt
  • WEA611 Broadsword
  • WEA612 Longsword