New Hill Fort available from Blue Moon Manufacturing

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 15th, 2013

Blue Moon Manufacturing has released their massive new Hill Fort terrain piece, available in both grey and brown.

From the release:

We have just received from our caster our Northwest Frontier Hill Fort. This truly is a masterpiece! It is a large gaming piece that can be used for so many scenarios, you just need to let your imagination run wild!

This fort measures approximately 28 inches long and 23 inches wide and is about 11 1/2 inches tall at the tallest point. The gate piece and roof on the main back building lift off. The Hill Fort is cast in high density foam and can be either ordered in Grey or Brown. Believe me when I say that the pictures in no way does justice to this model.
The cost of the Hill Fort is $200.00. This is the lowest price we could manage on this piece due to the extremely high cost of tooling and it’s large size. We have brought the price down to $200 to try to make it available to all. We will not be able to give any additional discounts on this piece.

15NWF-01B Hill Fort in Brown
15NWF-01G Hill Fort in Grey

As with our Terrain Board System, these are over-sized boxes so the shipping in the Continental USA will be $15.00. For customers in Alaska or Hawaii we will pay 1/2 of the shipping charge and the customer will be responsible for 1/2, we will adjust this before we run your credit card. On International orders both to Canada and the rest of the World please contact us for actual shipping charge.

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  • BDub

    How about linking to the actual fort – I cant find crap on that website.

    • grimbergen

      yikes…hello 1996 mosaic!

      Usually PB is good about linking direct the product… I’m sure maybe he has the same issues with navigating the site?

      They prolly didn’t add it yet… anyhow here’s another castle piece with larger photos to show the overall roughness of it all that doesn’t justify the high price:

      • Soulfinger

        I click on their logo and it keeps linking me to that 3 wolf shirt they’ve been selling on Amazon.

      • Hehe – I took one look at the site and decided just no. The castle looks interesting, but I can’t be bothered…

  • Ghost


  • Thraug

    Ditto with above:
    – Scale?
    – Link to this item’s page?
    – Bueller?

    • Soulfinger

      I don’t know about the scale or the link, but my best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  • coughs Yeah, fellas, when Blue Moon sends me news, they just link to the front page for me and not to the actual products. Hence why their news stories always just end up pointing there.

    And yesterday was really busy around here. We got 2 containers into the warehouse and the whole office was helping unload them. A fun 4 hours in the back of a semi, hauling boxes.
    Reminds me of my days at the Pennzoil bottling plant I worked at for a couple years.

  • Marauder

    Lol. I admit that they do not have a very modern site, but they did list the product code which is easily cut and pasted into their “product search” field on the right of the page:

    15mm is the answer – for a lean $200. 😉


  • This does look really, really nice!

    But seriously, is there a market for this?

    • Soulfinger

      I could certainly use it for my game, “Ottomans versus ottomans,” in which a crack squad of janissaries must fend off a horde of animate footstools. It’s a gateway game for getting dollhouse enthusiasts interested in historic wargaming.

      • I’d play that.

      • Haha

      • Ah, I had almost forgotten why I didn’t comment much anymore on TGN. Now I remember. The permanent laugh track and “badda-boum…dish” wore me out…

        • Your punchline is a bit stale.

          As for the question – I am not sure if the page was accurate, but it’s not in stock atm. Either that means they sold out the initial run (It does look nice) or they haven’t updated the page yet.

          Personally I don’t know that many gamers, but I know collectors. Gaming minis are cheap compared to some other hobbies. While buying certain figures is the main goal – at least for collectors – display means just as much. Personally I love dioramas and displaypieces and I find the price is fair. However – I enjoy making my own even more so I don’t buy, but I imagine there is a huge market for people that have the cash and don’t have the time or the ability. The ones that use painting services and all that.

          Anyway, these are not facts, just my opinion.

    • KelRiever

      More of a market for even more shoulderpads or sculpted paint bottles that…don’t hold paint even. If those sell, I can’t imagine why this would not.

      I like it. Clearly, if it is to be used for gaming, it will be used by someone who finally wants to do a siege battle and it looks great for that. Do I expect to see it laid out on some store gaming table where the MTG kids will come and pick at it? Or some aspiring gamer of above average girth bumps the table and makes all the figures fall off the walls? (I jest, I jest!) No. But for those of us who game in basements, you know, with actual friends, and who actually paint our figures and actually don’t just vary battles by making a million different lists….yeah, we exist…those people might get it.

      Me personally? No. Because I don’t have the space. But I’m sure someone likely will. In the meantime, thanks, Soulfinger! I’m getting a Kickstarter going with your idea. What should I price the footstools at? They’re going to be made of high quality resin.


      • Soulfinger

        Resin defeats the purpose. You have to use doll house furniture, otherwise the creepy doll head that leads them would look out of place on the gaming table. Don’t forget, you also have to drill out the doll’s eyes and replace them with bubblegum balls held in place with red frosting so that the opposing player can suck one out each time it suffers a wound.