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New Heroes Set Add-On for B-Sieged Kickstarter Campaign

B-Sieged keeps rolling along on their Kickstarter campaign. They're making through more stretch goals, helped along by new a Heroes box add-on. This $17 add-on includes three new town defenders to your pool of potential heroes. Seren, Axel, and Eyra are ready to take up arms to repel the waves of Abyss and/or Iron Orc (if you've picked up the Darkness & Fury expansion) invaders. You can check out the backgrounds, sculpts, and dashboards for all three of the heroes below the cut. Hang in there, defenders, the campaign still has 11 days left to go.

From the campaign:

Hail, defenders!

The bards shall sing of our mighty stand at the battle for Modhelm for ages to come! We've mustered over 2,500 defenders of the Citadel and the hordes of the Abyss have not breached our walls. Let's keep at it!

At this moment, we'd like to introduce to you a new Optional Buy: the B-Sieged Heroes Set! Let's take a close look of these brave new Defenders of the Citadel, shall we?

As a seasoned artist, Seren, the Trickster boasts a very unique and powerful starting Special Ability: Chicanery! Through Chicanery, Seren is allowed to draw 1 Resource card from the Seasons Resources at the beginning of each of her turns, and she can choose from any of the 4 types (Armory, Tavern, Market or Sorcery). This ability frees her up from visiting the Citadel's buildings as frequently as other Heroes, and gives the Heroes a way to get at least one Resource card per turn. Note that unlike Kador's Archmastery or Orobox's Intimidation skills, Seren may only draw from the Season Resources, which drains from the Heroes' common resources and makes her options limited if the Season resource decks are depleted.

As an Engineer, Axel comes with the Royal Artilleryman starting Special Ability. With it, Axel gets a free action per turn to either Rotate or Shoot the Catapult, and it can help the Heroes in crucial moments! Each Catapult shot may kill up to 3 enemies and it has a Strength of 4, so it can kill Mölens or severely damage the Avatar! The option to rotate the catapult is also important because Axel may use it to aim the catapult for another Hero, allowing him or her to shoot twice with the catapult in their turn if they wish to do so!

Last, but not least, Eyra the Thief brings two starting Special Abilities that emphasize her roguish nature: Filch and Archer's Discipline. With Filch, Eyra "accidentally comes by" 1 Market resource card at the beginning of each of her turns. These Tavern Resource cards come directly from the Tavern Resource pool, so she may get a card even if the Tavern is damaged or destroyed. With her trusty one-handed crossbow and Archer's Discipline, Eyra is able to shoot with better precision at enemies in Zone 2, making her a valuable asset to help control Krohns and Gargohs and filching Tavern cards every turn!

Please note that the B-Sieged: Heroes Set is NOT a Kickstarter Exclusive item, and it will be available in retail in the future as a separate item.

We’re offering the B-Sieged Heroes Set for a special price for our backers! It costs $17 during the campaign, $3 off the suggested MSRP of $20. If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the Manage Pledge button on the B-Sieged Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the item you'd like to add. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our pledge manager.