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New Heroes Previewed for Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows from Fantasy Flight Games

Mos Eisley isn't exactly the greatest town in the galaxy. Some might even call it wretched, full of scum, and overflowing with villainy. When walking the narrow streets or visiting one of the shadowy cantinas, one must be cautious. Well, Han Solo's not known to be cautious. Unfortunately, it's gotten him into some sort of trouble, since he's gone missing. That's the story behind Twin Shadows, the new Imperial Assault expansion from Fantasy Flight Games. This new preview that's been posted up takes a look at the two new Rebel heroes that have been assigned to go find the flamboyant flyboy and bring him back.

The two heroes are pretty different from one-another, and help give the Rebel player more options in either the campaign mode or during skirmish play. Biv Bodhrik is a big freedom fighter who is handy with all sorts of weaponry, from over-sized blasters to vibroaxes, and anything in-between. He's large. He's imposing. He's not hesitant to get his hands dirty. Not to say that Saska Teft doesn't get her hands dirty, but it's usually with grease or grit as she constantly tinkers with a new gizmo or invention. And she's not stingy with the devices she makes. She'll gladly share them with allies to help make them shoot better, hit harder, and generally improve the odds that her team will beat those no-good Imperials.

Twin Shadows is available for pre-order now.