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New Hero and Monster Set Added To Massive Darkness Kickstarter

Maybe you've been concerned that the monsters in Massive Darkness haven't been massive enough. Well, there's a new biggie ready to walk down the halls of the dungeons and it's more than prepared to bash your hero's heads in. It's the Hellephant (and yes, I love that name more than I ever dreamed I would). To take it on, you might want to enlist the help of the Bloodmoon Assassins. They're both part of a new add-on that's part of the campaign.


This set comes with three new hero figures as well as the Hellephant figure. There's 5 cards in there, to help you play those new figures. There's also a new class, the Bloodmoon Assassin. As one would expect, the Bloodmoon Assassin makes heavy use of the Shadowy areas of the map, being able to launch deadly attacks on unsuspecting enemies.

8 days left in the campaign if you'd like to join in on the action.