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New Heavy Weapon Endoskeletons and Deluxe Play Mat for Terminator Genisys from Warlord Games

I mentioned earlier that Warlord's been rather busy lately. One of their big, new properties is Terminator: Genisys. The box game comes with some standard endoskeletons as well as a fold-out paper play mat. Well, if you want to add a bit more of a punch to your robot armies, or if you want to have a bit more sturdy mat, they have you covered with these new releases.

The new heavy weapons are in the form of a Flamethrower and a Rocket Launcher. The Flamethrowers are great for taking out bunches of enemies at once and causing your foes to leave that cover that they might be clinging to. Meanwhile, the Rocket Launcher has the power to take out whatever few vehicles the Resistance might still have around.

The play mat is silk vinyl on top with a rubberized back (much like a mouse pad or play mat for your favorite card games). It is the same layout as the fold-out map in the starter box. It measures 32.5" x 22?, so even if you're not playing Genisys on it, you can use it for any other minis game you might have in a ruined cityscape setting.

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