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New Heavy Gear releases for February 2011

Dream Pod 9 have posted details of their February 2011 Heavy Gear releases. From their website:
Dream Pod 9 has 2 new Heavy Gear Arena miniature blisters ready to ship this week. The first is the Wildcat Two Pack (DP9-9201, 2 minis, extra weapons, a hex and round base, $20.00) from the Northern faction which includes a wide leg pose (shown to the left) and a standard leg pose. The second is the Copperhead Two Pack (DP9-9199, 2 minis, extra weapons and 2 hex bases, $20.00) from the Southern faction which includes a standard leg pose and a running leg pose. All Heavy Gear Arena Miniature Blisters are the same scale and are fully compatible with Heavy Gear Blitz and include the standard Heavy Gear Blitz weapons load out as well as the Arena weapons shown on the miniatures pictured on the blister sheets. We had a great time down at Templecon last weekend (February 4th to 6th) down in Warwick, RI. A Big Thank You to all the Staff and Volunteers that helped out and to everyone who attended. We took a few photos of our setup and the first annual Butt Wheel 500 race and tournament we ran, you can check them out on the Templecon 2011 Gallery Page. We are busy working on the new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual (DP9-9997c), which we plan to have out in time for the GAMA Tradeshow March 16th to 18th in Las Vegas, NV. Plus we'll have some new Heavy Gear Arena/Blitz miniatures ready to go at the same time.