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New Heavy Artillery Pieces For Beyond the Gates of Antares Available

Sometimes you just gotta bring out the big guns. Enemy armor or fortifications need to be blown to smithereens and your regular hand-held piece just won't do it. So you call in the artillery. That's what we've got with these new releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares. The Isorians have two new floating artillery pieces (must not have much of a kickback) and the Freeborns get one.

From the releases:

Fresh from the drone factory and straight to the front line, the new Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone comes equipped with either the compression cannon or fractal cannon.

Laying down heavy firepower, the new Freeborn heavy mag cannon cleaves through enemy armour and drones.

Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone with Compression Cannon and Fractal Cannon Source
Freeborn Heavy Mag Cannon Source