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New Head Sprues available from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions gives you more options to customize your minis with the release of several new head sprues.

From the update:

New NF Heads available to buy now

Our 4 new head packs for our Near Future range are available to buy now on our web store.

The new head packs are:
HD.22 - Ballistic helmets with gasmasks. £4.50
HD.23 - Mercenaries. £4.50
HD.24 - Berets. £4.50
HD.25 - Boonie Hats. £4.50

Plus, they are available to buy as an option with our Near Future Infantry pack (10 heads, 10 legs and 10 torsos for £20.00). Simply choose which set of heads you want and tell us in the comments/special instructions box.