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New Hazard Sign Decals from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

Armorcast has some new hazard sign decals available in their webshop.
I'm always happy to see assists for my caffeine hands.


From the release:

Want to add some extra detail to your modern or Sci-Fi Industrial area? Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop has decals to represent warning signs for:
1. Flammable materials
2. Explosion risk
3. Toxic
4. High voltage
5. Biohazard
6. Radiation
The sign are printed on clear decal film with a white cardstock backing. The modeler can either place the decal using normal watersilde decal instructions or can cut the decal and the backing out and apply as a sign on a pole. It is recommend to apply the decal over a light colored surface for the yellow to show up the best. The decals are 5mm equilateral triangles.