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New GW Advance Orders

Games Workshop have added new Warhammer and 40K products to their Advance Order pages. Dwarfs From their announcement:
Ogre Kingdoms are launching this weekend, and all the fantastic new models are lumbering into a Hobby Centre near you, so make sure you head down to your local store to get your hands on the new releases. That's not all! We've got loads of new models available for you to Advance Order: there are two new Citadel Finecast additions for the Dark Eldar's Court of the Archon; Lizardmen Saurus Oldblood and the Nurgle Chaos Lord are both released in plastic; and many more miniatures have made the mighty transition to the Citadel Finecast range. So while you're in a Hobby Centre gluing your Thundertusk together (or your fingers), check out the in-store order point.