New GW releases

By tgn_admin
In 40K
Aug 20th, 2011

Games Workshop have added new Dark Eldar and Daemon products to their online store.

Daemons and Heralds

From their announcement:

A whole host of new models are available for you to buy this weekend. Chaos Daemons can be fielded in both Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and as Sorcerous Pacts in your Storm of Magic games. With the new Battleforce/Battalion, it’s never been easier to field your own Chaos Daemons army. Worshippers of Tzeentch can show their loyalty with the new Blasted Standards, as well as fielding a Herald of Tzeentch, while those who follow Khorne will be able to use the two new Banners of Rage sets, all of which are available in Citadel Finecast. Dark Eldar fans can also rejoice as we’ve added two alien servants of the Dark Eldar, the Ur-Ghul and the Medusae, also available in Citadel Finecast.

  • Kane

    You have to love the little message on the finecast minis “Due to high demand, each Citadel Finecast product is limited to five (5) per customer.”

    • This also applies to retailers, some of who might have enough customers to sell more than what they are allotted.

  • Bebop

    Those banner tops look nice. Wish they had come out with them awhile ago.

    • PirateViking

      Wouldn’t have worked in metal, only the light resin makes it possible.

      • green_lumux

        Why do you say that? They have had plenty of metal banners in the past with their miniatures…

        • grimbergen

          They never sold them as individual releases (you could have probably purchased them as separate bitz, but retailers couldn’t stock them easily). Prolly the move to resin allows them to go lower volume with retail items that have less demand.

        • Veritas

          They’re also lighter. Putting the old metal banners on plastic troopers usually made the figures prone to falling over.

  • Bebop

    I was just lamenting that I’m not really that into warhammer anymore wasn’t really weighing in on the whole metal/resin thing. They did use to sell metal icons but they weren’t that impressive. I was always a big limited edition standard bearer junky but was never that wild about the ones you got in the box sets so thats why I thought they were cool. I could see grabbing a couple and putting them on some of my old school metal guys if I ever get back into fantasy.