New Guts N Gears podcast posted

The latest episode of the Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has been posted for download.

From their announcement:

Guts N Gears. Episode 15. The Temple of Ultimate Gaming has returned.

Temple Con 5-7th Feb. 2010.

“Bigger, better & stronger…. Roll with the good times.”

Tune in and find out about all the Privateer Press goodness at Temple Con 2010. If you still think you have time we hope to see you there.

Madame Ximon & Doc. “Press Ganger” Norbert of the Somerville Ogrun Bokurs. Share details of this amazing event held every year.

Mouth of the South laments in failing to bribe the Privateer Press Play test cordinator.

We then have an open discussion on MK2 Warmachine with Doc “Press Ganger” Norbert. As 3 gamers talk about this amazing edition of Warmachine.