New Guild Team Boxes Available To Order From Steamforged Games

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Apr 3rd, 2017

When the Hunter’s Guild came out in Season 2 for Guild Ball, their box set contained a full team. You had your captain, mascot, and four players all in one place. Previous boxes just came with a captain and two players. Well, going forward, Steamforged is looking to make all their guilds have full-team boxes. The Fishermen, Engineers, and Butchers are thus getting new team boxes.

From the announcement:

Are you looking to become a convert of the cogs? To swim with a new school? Or do you just want to run with knives? Then mark your calendars—Friday, June 23 it’s open season for new coaches to join the Butchers, Engineers, and Fishermen. Meet their Captains below.


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  • Tyler Provick

    I wish they had more details of what’s in the box. I’m hoping it’s more cardboard tokens like the Kick Off set

    • The “in the box” only lists a ball, bases, cards, and the minis. Doesn’t sound like they’ll have tokens and dials and such in there as well.

      • Tyler Provick

        I didn’t see that line after all the fluff, thanks for pointing it out. A little disappointing. I really like how with Kick Off I have all the token for my figures. So many games you have to spend so much money and energy collecting tokens and widgets. I don’t mind paying extra for fancy ones but I’d like to start with the basics and be able to actually play.

        • I wonder how much those items would’ve raised the MSRP. It might’ve just taken it out of a price-point they wanted for it. I’ve seen a couple people go, “eeeeh…” at the price as they are. So another couple bucks for the extra tokens and dials might’ve pushed a few more people away than it would’ve brought in.

          I do agree that having tokens would be nice. The game really runs on them, since there’s all sorts of plays and abilities and modifiers that can be out there that need something to remind you they’re active. I’ve got the official tokens for the Season 1 figures that I’ve got. I know that they’re teaming up with a token-maker to make things for the Season 2 and 3 players. I eagerly look forward to those being available.