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New Guild Ball Releases Available From Steamforged Games

Season 3 of Guild Ball somewhat-started when we got the stat cards right after Steamcon. But I know a lot of people (myself included) have been really wanting to get the actual Season 3 stat cards. I mean, sure, the print-outs work, but just like getting the official token packs, there's just something about having the actual cards to use. But it's not just cards that are available today, two new players are also hitting the pitch.

From Steamforged:

Known for her unyielding durability and protective prowess, Granite has molded herself into one of the Mason's finest enforcers, offering Mason coaches a new and exciting keystone player. Channeling relentless mobility, she not only bolsters the positioning power of the rest of her team but she shelters them from the chaos of the pitch. This rock-solid sentinel will weather the fury of your opponent's blows, biding her time until she finds the perfect moment to level the opposition.

Pintpot's unfiltered aggression makes him a brawler your opponents best avoid. A boisterous juggernaut at the start of a match, clever coaches will need to manage the flow of his potential, least he run flat on you. Prone to bouts of showboating, Pintpot is more interested in the attention of the crowd than the support of his teammates.

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