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New Guest Box and Unlocked Stretch Goals for Zombicide: Black Plague

With more pledges comes more unlocked stretch goals. And more add-ons with which to possibly reach even more stretch goals. Zombicide: Black Plague has another couple stretch goals they've made their way through, and another couple optional add-ons to bring to the party.

The unlocked stretch goals include the double-one where you get some extra NPC zombies as well as some new Vault loot. The other is another Survivor thrust onto the world stage in which they must survive the oncoming zombies.

As for add-ons, we have the Murder of Crowz box (weren't they a band from the 90s?), because you can always use more undead things running around (I'm waiting for the undead groundsquirrelz, myself). There's also a new Guest Artist box. This one from Paolo Parente (you know, the Dust guy). Paolo has four new Survivors that he's bringing to the mix from his Anastyr fantasy world.

Still 18 days to go and almost at $2mil.