New Grey Knight pre-orders

By tgn_admin
In 40K
Mar 16th, 2011

Games Workshop have added two new 40K Grey Knight products to their Advance Orders page.

Jokaero Weaponsmith

  • cannondaddy

    !!??!! Did not see that coming!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth!
      My thought process:
      1. That would make a good jokaero…
      2. GW is releasing it?
      3. As part of the Grey Knights?
      4. Didn’t see that coming!

  • Really hate these frakkin’ monkeys.
    What need did they have to resurrect the Jokaeros ??

  • tuco

    I remember the my first exposure to 40k was in the form of the Rogue Trader book in late-87 or early-88. The Jokaero stood out to me at that time. But then, so did the Slann and the Zoats. I’m surprised to see the Jokaero in with the Grey Knights. I would think they’d fit better with the Ordo Xenos rather than the Ordo Malleus.

    • Between this surprise and the Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarfs, I’m starting to once again hope that Zoats and Squats might get another run of some kind. I would crack open the piggy bank for updated Hearth Guard in Exo Armour or a Zoat (and (space) Slann) army. They should just keep bringing the Rogue Trader nostalgia until right before they get to sky surfing Orks. That would definitely pull me back into the GW fold.

      I’ve been gradually getting rid of my 40k stuff and playing more home brew rules with Infinity and old Confrontation figs. Squats vs. Zoats would undo that.

      • Agreed. While I might not buy any, I’d sure love to see them again after a 14 year absence.

    • Zac

      I would love to see them bring back Zoats. I loved those figs.

      • amaximus

        yeah, i was pretty fond of zoats as well.

  • Sevej

    Hmm, for an unstoppable juggernaut, Crowe is pretty static and… bland.

  • amaximus

    seriously? the jokaeros? with all the awesome re-imagining that GW has been doing to old(er) concepts, they give us a space orangutan? could they have at least made it look more like an alien and less like an actual earth simian with crazy tech strapped on? i am impressed with the rest of the Grey Knights releases, but this is just silly.

    i think Crowe looks great, despite his static pose. i think that a stoic leader fits the GKs well.

    • Zac

      with all the awesome re-imagining that GW has been doing to old(er) concepts, they give us a space orangutan?

      But they have always been “Space Orangutans”. Not sure why they would redo them.

      • amaximus

        they have been re-imagining designs to be less silly. Jokaero have always been goofy, why not take this opportunity to do something neat, alien and interesting with them? for example, the new dark eldar beasts are neat, alien and interesting. they have redesigned the ‘Space Skaven’ to not be rats in space anymore but something alien (in the fluff anyway). instead, the Jokaero looks like a monkey with a backpack and rings! very uninspiring. very not alien.

        • Zac

          for example, the new dark eldar beasts are neat, alien and interesting.

          But the important part here is that they are “new”. The Jakaero are an existing creating with existing designs and art.

          • amaximus

            ok zak, so you quoted a fragment of what i said. can you tell me that the khymera models are ‘new’ no, they are just a renamed model and their redesign makes them look awesome. several dark eldar models had a serious visual overhaul. the mandrakes being the most extreme.

            as far as existing creatures with existing designs and art, i go back to my Hrud argument. it no longer looks like a space rat.

            seriously though, look at rouge trader and tell me what looks exactly the same. several things have gone through redesigning since then.

            orks-they no longer look like a goofy villain from the saturday morning cartoons, they are lean and mean looking yet still with a sense of humor.

            tyranids-no longer buck toothed, carapaced alien chickens.

            bloodletters-we are not angry body building red guys anymore! granted, they got a redesign that blends with the original concept.

            juggernaut-come on, the original was a silly blob.

            terminator armor-the original terminator armor was totally bizarre and did not match in theme with the SM armor.

            dreadnoughts-same as the terminator armor.

            keeper of secrets-no longer a 4 armed minotaur with a breast.

            i really could keep going.

            i say, by all means, have a orange haired biped alien that is a tech master. just why make it look like an earth creature when you have the opportunity to re-invision it? that is my complaint.

          • Zac

            ok zak

            Never a good start when you spell a person’s three letter name wrong.

            so you quoted a fragment of what i said.

            Because that is the part of your comment I was replying to.

            can you tell me that the khymera models are ‘new’ no, they are just a renamed model

            What previous art or designs are the Kymera, Razor Claws and Claw Fiend based on? In the last codex the only units available to a DE Pack Master were Warp Hounds.

            It is, AFAIK, a much different case than the Jokaero.

          • amaximus

            i had just woke up. excuse the misspelling.

            but you did not reply to the rest of my statement. that makes it seem as if i have not points that are relevant. especially when part of that statement was already an answer to your reply.

            the khymera seem like a redesign of the warp hounds. the claw fiend and the razor claws are 100%.

            what does AFAIK mean? i not familiar with that 5LA.

          • amaximus

            100% new. oops. perhaps i should not be typing today.

        • cybogoblin

          There are more things in heaven and earth, amaximus, than are dreamed of in your philosophy… but you may have seen something that looks a lot like them on Animal Planet.

          (apologies to the Bard)

  • Psychotic Storm

    Space Orangutans, the only purchase from GW I am seriously considering.

  • EasyEight

    Wonderful! Now I have an excuse to yawp ” Get your hands off me, you damned dirty ape” when encountering these guys.

  • Ooooo! This will make a great character in my superhero games!

  • abbysdad

    I’ll need 4 to go with Dr. Red from PulP City. What a great mini!

  • fee_weasel

    I’m thinking I can use him in my AT-43 Karman army as a hero. A cool looking Orangutan to lead my space apes.


  • jedijon

    Reading through these comments, I guess I was completely unaware that space apes already existed in 40K.

    So, my initial response was – no way – space apes in 40K????

    Then I thought about my Karman army…and then I read the above…and now I say – enh, at least it’s more interesting than some stuff!

  • Looks like GW will be getting a letter of CD from Pulp Monsters. JK

    Love to see that they finally made a fig of these guys it’s only been what 20+ years ago that we had rules for them.

    More old school please GW. Great fig.

  • Osbad

    It’s one single metal model, costing nearly 8 quid a pop. That fact alone is more ridiculous than a whole barrel o’ space monkeys…

    • Zac

      GW’s single miniature prices are always ridiculous. Happily you only ever need to buy one. Unless you’re an Ork player.

  • Going to go in my Superfigs super ape team!

    Frankly, I’m glad to see it. I liked all the humor and fun in 40k. Now it’s all “serious business.”

  • GS_topcow

    everything improves with monkeys!

  • Holy crap! I never expected to see the Jokaero again!

  • Morf

    I like it, but it doesn’t look like an orangutang, more like a regular ape painted orange.

    • Zac

      Thats all part of the cunning disguise.

      “Is that a Jokaero?”

      “Can’t be. Looks like an orange monkey.”

      “All right, lets not kidnap it and sell it then.”