New greens from Conquest Miniatures

By tgn_admin
In 19th Century
Jan 7th, 2011

Conquest Miniatures have posted photos of the greens for several new 28mm French and Indian War figures including British and French Regular Command. As well they have photos of new 28mm Zombie Indian Warrior figures.

Zombie Indian Warriors

  • psyberwyche

    I love Conquest, and have a fair few of their models.

    But is anyone else REALLY bored of zombie minis yet? I’m SO over zombies… 😛

  • Roebeast45

    These have a lot of potential uses for homestead defense scenarios or the classic modern horrer movie trope of a disturbed burial ground. And they could work for the horror RPG Colonial Gothic. People like zombies and you often need a lot of them for scenarios. Good to see Conquest is coming up with some with a new spin.

  • Orca

    Cool zombies