New greens and painted previews from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted photos of new greens from Jeff Grace as well as photos of painted samples of their recent fantasy releases.

From their announcement:

In honor of Valentines Day, we have ourselves a great big Jeff Grace Lovefest going on in terms of 5 new Jeff Grace sculpts posted up for you to check out.

  1. Thief of Hearts 2 – a cool melee/thief version
  2. Evil Thief of Hearts – fitted with her wicked gauntlet to rip the hearts out of her victims.
  3. Elmore Spectre – A really nasty looking creature from one of his new art pieces.
  4. Elmore Elven Princess – A cool piece of art and sculpt.
  5. Easley Female Cleric – Another Classic AD&D inspired sculpt from Jeff Grace based on all new original Jeff Easley artwork.

We also have new painted pics posted of:

  1. Catelyn Stark – from both Marike Reimer and Jen Haley
  2. Sansa Stark – from Jen Haley
  3. Easley Mage Mage – from Matt Verzani
  4. Honey Badgers – from Matt Verzani
  5. GRRM Hedge Knight 2 – from Matt Verzani
  6. Elmore – Female Royal Guard – from Matt Verzani