New greens and 2010 preview from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures has sent along news of some new fantasy greens on their website and also about their plans for 2010.

From their announcement:

We have five new greens we posted up over the past 7 days.

First up we have three new greens from Mr. Jeff Grace (with pictures of three more coming very soon).

1. Elmore Masterworks Female Dual Wield Fighter
2. Easley Masterworks Female Mage
3. Easley Masterworks Male Mage

Next up we have two more Frogs from Mr. Dave Summers. These are two of my favorite Frogs to date. Dave is really in a Froggie Groove.

1. Frog Wizard (my favorite Frog to date)
2. Frog Master of the Hunt (check out what he uses instead of a Falcon).

2009 was a very productive year for Dark Sword with 51 new sculpts completed and put into our pipeline for release (almost all were released in 2009), and 2010 is looking to be even more productive.

2010 will see the launch of an all new even more streamlined Web site. Our Online Store has been in need of a massive overhaul for a good year now. But rather than just that, we are going to revamp the entire site, so stay tuned…

2010 will see lots of action on the GRRM Masterworks front as we move to get all of the coolest characters sculpted up. Tom Meier will be gearing up with new sculpts in late January. Samwell and Eddard are up next from Mr. Meier. We will have Jeff sculpt up Euron Grejoy and some more Wildling Characters in March. Jeff is focused on our VIF and Easley Masterworks lines right now with the occasional Elmore Masterworks piece. Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe will be expanding our Frog/Critter lines with some really fun new pieces. Lots of stuff going already with our set team of world-class sculptors along with some up-coming appearances from an occasional guest sculptor as time permits.

Gen Con Indy 2010 will see really strong prize support from Dark Sword once again, so get your paint brushes out and start working on those entries for the painting contest. Can Zach be dethroned this year? He is the first male to win Dark Sword Best in Show since we started way back when…ahh the memories of Dark Sword’s first Gen Con with our first two boxed sets and a special edition mini….13 miniatures in total for sale and now we have over 250 miniatures for sale in our lines. My how time flies…