New Greek/Turkish Soldiers available at Steve Barber Models

Steve Barber Models has some new Greek and Turkish Soldiers available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Our new range of 28mm Greek War of Independence miniatures.

Sculpted by Steve Barber.

These are the first miniatures in a much bigger range. There will be more releases over the next few months.

GWI1a Greek/Albanian irregular advancing £1.15
GWI1b Greek/Albanian irregular kneeling firing £1.15
GWI1c Greek/Albanian irregular standing firing £1.15
GWI1d Greek/Albanian irregular charging with sword £1.15
GWI2a Greek regular advancing £1.15
GWI3a Egyptian regular advancing £1.15
GWI4a Turk Levy charging £1.15
GWI4b Turk Levy advancing £1.15