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New Goblins and Hurn from Heresy

Heresy Miniatures have released several packs of 28mm Goblin figures as well as a new Hurn Alien Bounty Hunter figure. Goblin Archers GOB001 Goblin Archers Randomly supplied goblin archers - we'll try to make sure you get as few duplicates as possible of each of the 5 current designs in the picture to the left. Goblin archers will cost you £2.50 per model but if you buy 40+ the price drops to £2.00 per Goblin - not bad at all for metal figures in the current super-high-metal-price climate! GOB002/3 Goblin Archers Command Standard Bearer and Demon-Horn musician for the Goblin Archers The musician is a single piece figure, standard bearer has separate bow hand and demon skull standard top. £6.00 per pack of 2 figures GOB004 Goblin Archer Champion £4.00 per figure Goblin Archer Unit 16 metal Goblin Archers including command figures and champion. Mainly single piece figures, some separate bows £40.00 per unit GOB005 Goblin Hero (with sword and shield) Pack contains body, arm with shield, sword hand £4.00 per figure Hurn II - (Masked Hurn) Limited Edition The first Hurn sold out. Some of you were upset as you missed out. Don't miss out on this one! Who knows how long it will be available for? (Certainly no more than 1,000 castings) This model scales nicely against proper 30mm scale figures and still looks imposing! Supplied with 40mm base. Pack contains Legs, torso, left and right retracted wrist blades, left an right extended wrist blades. 3 x fists, spear halves x 2, retracted separ, gun, gun mount and gun arm. £12.00