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New Gnomes from Splintered Light

Splintered Light Miniatures have released new 15mm Gnome figures. Gnome Snail Battle Wagon From their announcement:
Splintered Light Miniatures is thrilled to announce the release of our newest race in our 15mm fantasy range--the gnomes. These were sculpted by Wiff Waff and should be a lot of fun to paint and form into armies (at least I have had a lot of fun painting them thus far). The range includes basic infantry, the dreaded gnogres (gnomes who have had too much growth potion perhaps), snail battle wagons, sentient mushroom herds, and flowerpults. Though 15mm high, these will work very well with 28mm figures to represent the true wee folk.
  • GNOM01 Gnome Command (12) $8
  • GNOM02 Gnome Axes (15) $10
  • GNOM03 Gnome Clubs (15) $10
  • GNOM04 Gnome Spears (15) $10
  • GNOM05 Gnome Slingers (12) $8
  • GNOM06 Gnome Snail Battle Wagon (1) $5
  • GNOM07 Gnogres (6) $10
  • GNOM08 Gnome Mushroom Herders (12) $12
  • GNOM09 Gnome Flowerpults (2) $8
You can see size comparison with a 17mm Pict and a 28mm elf along with other painted gnome units.