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New Glass Agitators from Scenery Workshop

Scenery Workshop has added new glass agitators for your paint pots over in their webshop.


From them to you:

We all know the issue our paintpots have, if they are left alone for a while. The pigments and the medium split. We then need to shake to mix it again.

Adding an agitator ball makes this mixing a lot easier, however with the steel balls available, there is always the possibility of contamination from for example Oxidation.

With Scenery Workshop Glass Agitator Balls you will never have this issue. Just add one of these balls to the paint pot and this makes your shaking-life a lot easier.

These balls have a diameter of 8mm and can be used in the most common pots like Vallejo, Scalecolor, Army Painter Warpaints, Formula P3, Citadel, Andrea etc.

These are available in bags of 50 Scenery Workshop Glass Agitator Balls and a superdeal of 150 Scenery Workshop Glass Agitator Balls for our hardcore-paint collectors (who isn't?!)