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New Ghar Sets Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

Warlord Games is taking no time in expanding their Ghar faction for Beyond the Gates of Antares. I've not picked up the game, but if I were to, I think they'd be the ones I'd first look to seeing how they work. They've got an aesthetic that's not like anything else out there (sure, there are a few things you could maybe say they look like, but nothing that exactly the same). Well, Warlord's got some new sets available over in their webshop.

Starting out, there's the Ghar Battle Squad and Ghar Assault Squad. These are the figures I like the look of the most. Big, crab-like armored suits with plenty of armor and heavy weaponry.

On the "soft and squishy" side of things, there's the Ghar Outcast Squads. Though even those fellas have a walking heavy weapons platform they tromp around with. To keep everyone in line, there's also the Ghar Outcast Command Squad. I'm sure those whip-like things work well both as weapons and as motivators.

Finally, back to the robotic side of things, there's the Ghar Flitters. You thought the mosquitoes in Florida were bad. These are even worse, I'm sure.

Ghar Battle and Assault Squads source
Outcasts and Flitters source