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New Gauls and aliens from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has some ancients and some futuristics for us today with their releases. We've got some Gauls and we've got some aliens.

From the updates:

Blue Moon has just released 2 more codes in the 15/18mm Ancients range. Now available are:
15RAE-100 Gaul Foot Command (30 figures) $15.00
15RAE-107 Cavalry Commanders (9 figures) $12.00

These 2 new races of Aliens go way back to barbarian roots. Rumor has it they still practice cannibalism. For years these races were enslaved and spread throughout the galaxies which is why they can be found on so many planets throughout the universe, and why they can be found armed with various stages of technology. These alien races will both ally themselves with whom ever best serves there own goals.
15ALN-120 Nevis (10 figs) $6.00
15ALN-121 Averums (10 figs) $6.00