New Gangfight Games website launched

Gangfight Games has a shiny, new website they’re showing off. Go take a look.



From the update:

The new site is built around an online store that is currently acting as the Mechadrome Pledge Manager. But, even if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter campaign, you can still use the store to pre-order our models. All of the models from the campaign will be produced in September, so all orders placed by August 31st will be able to get in on the first batch, which is expected to ship out to backers and new customers in or hopefully before December.

Going forward, things are moving along nicely and in the next month or so we’re expecting to start sculpting our next new mech, the Bionic light mech. When that’s done we plan to release that as a “Wave 2” that will include the Bionics and the free agent, Trion. That should happen early next year. We’re also hoping to start doing some new Blackwater Gulch sculpts soon too. You can join our mailing list on our website and that will keep you up to date on everything we’re working on!